About Us


Hasdag Bakery Products, Frozen Bakery Products

We have been in the food industry for more than 40 years, with our oilseeds trade, which we started with the sesame peeling facility in Istanbul in 1977, and continued our food production life in Pakistan, Bulgaria, the USA and Nigeria, respectively. We have developed our experience in the food sector by entering the frozen bakery products sector, which is another branch of food.

Our priority is to ensure the continuity of our customers with our quality and to provide the most professional service to our customers. With the sensitivity of being in the food industry for many years, we continue to improve ourselves in this direction.

Just as evolution wiped out the strongest creatures from the world, changing business models can wipe out the strongest companies from the market. The companies that have the highest adaptation speed and best adapt to the changes of the age continue their lives. In this context, we have given our R&D studies to the Frozen Food sector, which is another main branch of food and is growing day by day.

We have brought a facility with added value to our country by establishing the Donuk Bakery Production facility with a 5800 square meter closed production area and state-of-the-art equipment. We continue to develop and sustainably produce and develop our production line and marketing network.