Why Frozen Bakery Products

By keeping frozen bakery products below -18 °C, reproduction of micro-organisms and deterioration of products are prevented. As Hasdağ Unlu Mamüller, we freeze them with -40 units with the IQF system and store them below -18°C in order to minimize the growth of micro-organisms.
In terms of logistics and shipping, frozen bakery products have a shipping capability that cannot be compared with fresh bakery products. The continuity of the cold chain to be ensured in logistics also ensures the shipment of the product produced in the facility between cities, countries and even continents.

To list the advantages of Frozen Bakery Products;

  • Always fresh produce.
  • Production and consumption without compromising health and hygiene.
  • Products that do not contain various shelf-life enhancing and preservative raw materials.
  • Untouched frozen production in industrial production areas.
  • Continuous availability feature.
  • Sustainability and standardization in quality.
  • To reach the final product by only cooking without the need for long preparation times in our fast daily life.
  • Variety on the shelf of the point where we buy bakery products.
  • Product variety in menus with only the frozen final product without going to raw material variety.
  • No need for production space.
  • Easy adaptation and differentiation to current trends.
  • Whether you own a fast food chain or a 5-star hotel, products suitable for all concepts
  • Being economical.
  • Frozen storage method to prevent waste.
  • The luxury of cooking as you need it.